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February 2023

JP FreestyleWave 2023

JP FreestyleWave 2023

«Watch me and my team enjoy the South African conditions during the photoshoot 2023»
In february 2023 I joined the JP and NP team in South Africa for the photoshoot. An amazing location, which offers a big variety of conditions, which is perfect to test all the gear. In this case, we had some really fun days testing the new JP Australia Freewave, a pretty versatile board which allows you to perform in many tipes of conditions. Pretty good times on it!

JP’s Freestyle Waves truly tick all the boxes as all-in-one boards and unite the core virtues almost every windsurfer is looking for. They are super balanced in the widest possible wind and water range: Freeride, freestyle, bump&jump, waves… you name it. In this video our riders prove how versatile these boards really are – and how much fun!
  • The spot of the day
  • Aereal on the JP Freewave
  • Tandem ride on the JP Freewave
  • Backloop on the Freewave Jp


    The shooting location was South Africa, one of my favourite places to windsurf.

    During the weeks before the shoot I stayed more in the city of Cape Town where it is usually where the best waves are and it is not so far to drive to the spots down south such as Whithsands or Scarbrough. 

    But when the shoot started, we moved more to the north and had our base in Langebaan, a very beautiful lagoon perfect for freeriding, wingfoil, freestyle… From there we could move a bit around when we had to shoot some freewave to spots like Yzefontain, Paternoster, or Misty Cliffs. 

    Getting everything ready for a perfect sesh