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MARCH 2023

CHILE – Windsurf trip for the PWA / IWT

CHILE – Windsurf trip for the PWA / IWT

Ā«My first time going to South America didn’t disapoint at all! For this trip, I teamed up with Dieter Van der Eyken and Julian SalmonĀ»
As the new tour, the unified IWT / PWA, released their calendar for the 2023 season I was strait away excited to know that I would go to Chile for a windsurf trip.

The competition went quite well, finishing the event on a 9th place, but knowing that I have the potential to go further, and that sooner or later I will do it. We had amazing conditions with waves un to 2.5m and sideshore wind perfect for 4,7 sails.

After the competition, we still had 10 days left of the trip so we were on a mission to try score the best conditions possible. Although it was quite tricky to really get the good wind and good wave, I was feeling quite satisfied by the end of our trip and with lot of good memories.


    The Chilean Costline is know as the land of the lefts. There are so many uncrowded spots with amazing waves that is crazy.
    Our two main spots for this trip were Matanzas , which is a small calm village with an amazing spot. The other spot is Topocalma. To get there you have to drive like one hour by some sketchy dirt roads and finish off with some driving over the dunes and through the beach where you can easily get stuck.
    The conditions are mainly side to side off winds with wind from 4,2 up to 5,0, although in this trip I only used 4,7 and 4,5. The waves are usually pretty fast and with a lot of sections, so it is perfect to do big aereals and turns. It is a pretty tecnical place to sail but those kind of conditions are now my favourite ones!!